DidWe started as our start-up experiment at Hyper Island and grew into a group photo app (beta) that was available on the App Store and Google Play.

The app idea was born out of our own facedown addiction. We were screen slaves, madly in love with
our smartphones. While we were busy counting likes
and adding filters, we missed out on real-life interactions.
We longed to be more present. People around us felt the same, so we went on a quest to change this. 

DidWe was our cure to the facedown isolation.
We wanted to live now and remember yesterday tomorrow. It was time for a new digital togetherness. 

Since we wanted to transform digital behaviours: 

✓ No like button

✓ No filters

✓ Team is everything. You used DidWe together with your friends during ordinary or extraordinary events

✓ Wait eight hours to access your collaborative
photo album (surprise, surprise ”The Hangover” style)

✓ Private photo albums. What happens in DidWe
stays in DidWe. 

We worked with the DidWe experiment for two years, through concept development, investment phases, scholarship awards, coaching from Blekinge Business Incubator, app development, beta-testing and launch. Running a startup while working full time with clients
at Hyper Island was challenging, but I would do it
again in a heartbeat. I’m grateful for the huge start-up and team learnings, making my entrepreneurial spirit run wild.


★ Main start-up hats: 
Co-founder, Creative Strategist, Copywriter

★ Other hats:
Concept Development, UX research, pitching,
marketing & social medias

Arvid Johansson, Ben Alasuvanto, Bendik Ramm,
Brett Kalwarski, Lotta Glimstedt & Märta Nelson