I’ve always been curious about people, music and
ideas that light up new vistas. Exploring the fascinating, important and strange — and living to tell the tale.
These curiosities lead me into boiling newsrooms.

I have a BA in Journalism and for 5+ years I covered
the news and pop culture beat for everything from
local newspapers, SPIN magazine to Aftonbladet, Scandinavia’s biggest newspaper in print, online and mobile. I thrive when the heat is on, reporting from live events, chasing answers in the middle of the night, working against tight deadlines and the front page. 


★ Research—scavenger hunting for truth and heart 

★ Interviewing—reading people and listening to
what they are actually saying (and not saying)

★ Writing/Storytelling—illuminate and humanize 

★ Digital communication—cut to the chase, time is life