SunTrust Bank
Super Bowl
Digital Strategy

StrawberryFrog — the Cultural Movement agency located in the Empire State Building —is all about building brands and changing the world by sparking cultural movements. The regional bank SunTrust turned
to StrawberryFrog to rebrand itself by launching a movement to inspire people to think about money in
a new way.

The challenge: 

When SunTrust bank launched it’s movement to help people, especially Millennials, move from financial stress to confidence with a groundbreaking national Super Bowl spot —how do we ignite the movement in the digital space? 

The solution: 

I was part of the digital strategy team, working closely with key clients from web, eCRM, insights & research, social and content teams, as well as external agency partners to build the onUp universe.


The team at StrawberryFrog launched, developed by our partners at Infusion, as a movement gathering where we grab the bull by the horns, together. At, talking about money is meant to feel safe rather than stressful, or even taboo. Sharing your story with others let you know that you’re not alone —we are in this together. Courage and confidence start here. In fact, the onUp community was designed to unite and empower people to gain control over their money, freeing them to focus on what matters the most to them. 

The creative director & I designed a ”Buzzfeed-like” quiz as the center stage of the website, giving people a fun status on their money moves and allowing SunTrust to give onUpers personalized finance hacks that inspire them to take a simple step toward financial confidence. also includes shareable content that sparks a conversation about the financial stress in America today, and the deep need to breathe easier and enjoy life. 

Today, the onUp Movement has helped over 4 million people (and counting) find the right tools and inspiration on their journey to a life well spent. 81% are more likely to refer others to bank with SunTrust


★ Creative Director/Copywriter: Stuart Fink

 ★ Lead Strategist: Briana Campbell

 ★ Creative Strategist: Lotta Glimstedt  

 ★ Art Directors: Kevin Gladwin & Rachel Reno  

 ★ Creative Director, Infusion: Michael Redding